Different kinds of ailments attack your eyes causing eye infection. It can be due to many reasons but some of the common reasons for this infection is bacteria, viral or foreign object. It is known that people who wear contact lenses are more prone to eye infection due to presence of bacteria. Some common eye Read More →


Is Skin Care Sacramento That Big of a Teenage Deal Do you really have to keep cleaning your face? Does it have to be done 5 times a day and can you get enough of the alcohol cleaning pads? My brothers answer would be no. He would be the mascot for skin care Sacramento. Let’s Read More →


First you should recognize the symptoms of puffy or swollen eyes. The upper and lower eyelids will experience puffiness or swelling typically during the morning. The swelling can occasionally be accompanied by itching and/or redness. You may not be able to fully open or close your eyes. Next you need to know what some of Read More →